Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mini-figure Three-packs

Image heavy and stuff, yay!

All three packs. Twilight and Minty blindbags graciously volunteered to be reference.

Backs of the boxes.

Starting with the Pony Wedding Set...

The packages are still overstuffed with plastic, but the cardboard backgrounds are apparently intended to be pulled out this time instead of just tossed -- they're folded at the back and have a couple of extra character vectors. Pony Wedding has Spike and Rainbow.

So here they are! They're the same size as the blind bags, so they're pretty teeny. It's kind of odd that they made special molds for some of the characters instead of using the same ones that the blind bag versions use -- I'm not complaining, because these ones are much nicer, but it just seems strange that they made entirely new molds. Oh well!

Twilight, Rainbow, and AJ are exactly the same as the blind bag versions, so I won't focus on them. (Minty-butt photobomb!)


(click for larger)

Onto the Cloudsdale set! Wonder Bolts™ pony is my favorite character.

The fold-out for Cloudsdale includes Celestia...

...and a very strange-looking Scootaloo. I've never seen this vector before and it kind of scares me.

Surprise Wonder Bolts™ pony's goggles are molded on, so if anyone wants to customize her into a non-goggled character, some sanding will be order.


(click for larger)

I just want to point out that I freaking love Gilda's eye paint.

Now for the Apple Family -- I guess Apple Bloom doesn't count anymore.

Sweet Apple Acres is being visited today by Fluttershy...

...and Pinkie Pie. Hi Pinkie!

I don't have a colt blind bag, so I don't know if the Big Mac mold is the same or not -- it looks similar to me though. Either way, he has lovely eyelashes.


(click for larger)

...and then Tim ate everypony. The end!


  1. I actually weirdly like the Scootaloo vector. I think it's her plane mode (as opposed to her vehicle mode). Scoots is a transformer, it seems.

  2. Granny Smith is so adorable, and they even put the tennis balls on her walker!

  3. Scootaloo really is some kind of bird, it seems! At least partially.